About us

About us

Cirtek Electronics Corp. (CEC) is an independent complete solution provider for subcontract manufacturing of semiconductor devices and provides a broad range of assembly and testing services for various product applications and industries.

The Cirtek Group harnesses more than 29 years of expertise in the assembly and testing segment of the semiconductor industry and has been accredited and certified by several international quality institutions for the latest quality system standards, namely :

  •   TÜV SÜD Management Service GmbH
  •   TÜV Product Service Asia Ltd.
  •   Defense Supply Center
  •   British Approval Board Telecom
  •   ISO9001
  •   ISO14001
  •   QS9000/TS16949

Beginning with just 3 customers in 1984, the company through its subsidiaries has significantly grown its customers base to 42 at present. Despite the volatility in the semiconductor industry worldwide, the company has grown continuously with a compounded annual growth rate of 25% in volume produced over the past 10 years.

The company is an independent full service solution provider for subcontract manufacturing of semiconductor devices that provides turnkey solutions such as :

  •   Package design and development
  •   Wafer probing
  •   Wafer back grinding
  •   Assembly and packaging
  •   Test program and hardware development
  •   Final testing of semiconductor devices
  •   Warehousing and inventory management
  •   Delivery and shipment to its customers or end users

Its products cover a wide range of applications and industries such as the following :

  •   Communications,
  •   Consumer electronics
  •   Power devices
  •   Computing
  •   Automotive
  •   Industrial

With its proven track record, world-class facility and international quality standards, Cirtek has earned a strong reputation from its global customers for its :

  •   High-quality products
  •   Production flexibility
  •   Competitive costing
  •   Capability to work with customers to develop application and customer specific packages



Cirtek Holdings Philippines Corp. (CHPC) is a technology-oriented company whose vision is to become a leading Outsourced Semiconductor Assembly and Test (OSAT) partner. It believes it can achieve this through constant innovation and re-engineering, and by focusing on customer-specific products, high reliability devices, and multichip products.



Cirtek recognizes its customers as the key driver to growth and success. The company therefore puts great emphasis on its customers as partners. 

Our customer is our partner. We want to grow our business together with our customers.