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Cirtek in its pursuit for global presence in the Europe Market attracted Spain

Cirtek in its pursuit for global presence in the Europe Market attracted Spain

Cirtek in its pursuit for global presence in the Europe Market attracted Spain’s largest business group which employs more than 78,000 people around the world,FAGOR Electronica. Fagor
Electronica is part of Mondragon Components. Mondragon components is also a Division of the Industrial group of Mondragon Corporation Cooperative, one of Spain’s largest business group.

Once again Cirtek has proven its innovations and re-engineering capability when it demonstrated this to Fagor Electronica, a company based in Spain allowing Cirtek to manufacture its products on a copper wire technology. One of Cirtek’s growing technology and leading solutions. ( GOLD Wire bonding is the primary method of making interconnections between an integrated circuit (IC) and a metal lead frame or printed Circuit board (PCB) during semiconductor assembly packaging. Gold Wire bonding is generally considered the most costeffective and flexible interconnect technology, and is used to assemble the vast majority of semiconductor packages, However, because of cost reasons, Cirtek has developed and managed to offer copper wire as alternative technology over gold wire to its clients and potentials customers in the manufacturing of semiconductor devices).

Cirtek continues to showcase its technology when it concluded an initial business engagement with FAGOR Electronica for the manufacture of Fagor’s Thyristor devices for a minimum volume shipments of 100 million pieces a year that will begin to ramp up by the fourth quarter of 2011, according to Mr. Antonio S. Callueng, senior director for Sales and Marketing. With this initial volume, Mr. Callueng added that as we continue to expand aggressively our business, Cirtek will continue to generate employment to local community ( as the company is based in Laguna Technopark). The semiconductor device ( Thyristor) Cirtek will build goes into high voltage motor devices intended for consumer and home applications such as system for reception processing and distribution of digital and analogue TV, System for security, communications and comfort for automation of the home, , global system for remote control and management as well as internet and intranet management of fleet system, widely used in the European market.

The new business engagement will allow Fagor to increase its market share and win more customers because of Cirtek’s continues innovations in the use of copper wire for customer specific applications, said Mr. Noli Magsino, General Manager of Fagor based in Thailand, A facility owned by Fagor Semiconductor Division. Mr. Magsino added that this new business engagement was encouraged because of Cirtek reputation as Global supplier of high quality products. This new engagement, bonded with trust and confidence between the two companies, is another manifestation for Cirtek Holdings Philippines Corp as it continues to expand its presence in the global arena, The key management of the two companies has committed to explore further business engagement that can provide win-win solutions for their stakeholders. in fact, Mr. Jerry Liu, CHPC President and founder of Cirtek Electronics Corp. Manufacturing arm of CHPC, is looking forward meeting Mr. Mikel Trojaola’s ( Mondragon’s Managing Director for FAGOR Semiconductor Division) visit in ASIA this fourth quarter 2011 to further expand business engagement and strengthen the partnership of the two companies.

Fagor Electrónica is part of Mondragón Components which is also divided into three different Global Business, according to technologies, applications and markets with the fundamental aim of: developing an internationally competitive business group, in order to achieve a global presence by offering an innovative response to our customers’ needs, in the white goods, home comfort and electronics sectors. Mondragon Components is also a Division of the Industrial group of Mondragón Corporación Cooperativa (MCC), one of Spain’s largest business group, which employees more than 78,000 people. MCC is structured in three large groups: FINANCIAL, INDUSTRIAL and DISTRIBUTION, which operate independently within the framework of a common strategy..

Cirtek Holdings Philippines Corporation through its subsidiaries is an independent full service solution provider for subcontract manufacturing of semiconductor devices. The Company provides turnkey solutions that include package design and development, wafer probing, wafer back grinding, assembly and packaging, final testing of semiconductor devices, and delivery and shipment to its customers’ end users. Cirtek is a technology-oriented company whose vision is to become a leading OSAT partner. The Cirtek Group harnesses more than 25 years of expertise in the assembly and testing segment of the semiconductor industry and has earned a strong reputation from its customers for its high-quality products, production flexibility, competitive costing and capability to work with customers to develop application and customer specific packages. The Cirtek Group has been accredited and certified by several international quality institutions for the latest quality system standards, which include ISO9001, ISO14001, and QS9000/TS16949 and underwriter laboratories ( UL) certified facility.


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