Custom & Hybrid Assemblies


Cirtek's   Custom   and    Hybrid   Assemblies   is   the
advanced  technology of placing  multiple ICs, passive
components, opto couplers and  crystal oscillators into
a   single   package.    Cirtek   hybrid   assemblies   in
production  are  Multichip Diode Array, Plastic  Molded
Oscillator / Half-Full Duplex  Communication  Modules
and Opto relay solid-state switches.

Multichip    Dioded    Array   line    produces    various
configurations  of multiple diodes  mounted on a silver
spot plated copper substrate.  The final product comes
out in  different  options like a  dual-in-line or a single-
in-line through hole board insertions or a small outline
surface mounted package.

Plastic     Molded     Oscillators  /  Half - Full     Duplex
Communication  Modules  components  mounted  onto
the  circuit  include  IC chip, capacitors  and crystal  in
sealed   form   supplies   ready   for   mounting.    The
mounting  is  done  automatically  with  the  sequence
defined  such that there is no  disturbance to mounted

Opto  Relay Solid  State switches are assembled using
LED  and control IC (photovoltaic generators).  The IC
is  coupled  to LED  by  dome  coating  using  a  clear,
transparent   silicone   material    with   corresponding
shape, height and pattern.


  Spec#   Eff Date   Desc.   Rev.   Outline Drawing
  Spec#   Eff Date   Desc.   Rev.   Outline Drawing


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