Cirtek Electronics Corporation’s thrusts on Quality:


The Quality Assurance (QA) group of CEC works to have more value-add to the company by providing support that would help in the prevention of defects and mistakes as opposed to merely performing inspection after each process.  QA plays a major role in approving processes by requiring rigid qualification that would pass the equivalent international standards on in-process and final reliability testing. Likewise, it independently provides decisions on the basis of data and results of reliability testing, if necessary.

QA also has strict standards on set-up qualification to insure that products conform to requirement when run in production.  Problems, customer complaints and internal issues are also resolved following the 8D approach and poka-yoke (mistake-proof) way of finding preventive solutions.


QA Scope of Responsibilities :

  •   Incoming Quality Assurance (IQA) - wafers and materials
  •   Lot traveller preparation and release (PCI)
  •   Operations QA - in-process monitoring and gate inspection
  •   Failure analysis and reliability (FAREL)
  •   ESD control and clean room monitoring
  •   Corrective and preventive action for internal problems
      and customer complaints (CAPA)
  •   Operations personnel training and certification
  •   Supplier quality
  •   Quality and environmental management system (QEMS)
  •   Internal audit
  •   Document control (DCC)