Logistics & Warehousing

Logistics & Warehousing

Cirtek uses PEZA registered cargo forwarders and couriers for shipping goods and has an experienced in-house brokerage group for releasing shipments.  Cirtek has been found compliant to U.S. customs CTPAT audits.

Cirtek maintains in-house storage facilities for all materials it uses.  It has cold storage facilities capable down to negative ( - ) 45°C for temperature-sensitive materials.  We employ also a chemical and cold storage facilities that are located nearby and within the industrial park as back up purposes.

Cirtek keeps adequate material inventory to support requirements but tries to maintain high turn-over rate to assure consistently fresh inventory and lesser wastage assuring continuity of supply with the desired good quality.

As part of our value added services, Cirtek offers warehousing services for finished goods that are assembled in-house for a reasonable period of time and drop ship to its desired destination.  Our import, export team has broad understanding of the various customs regulations around the world.  We are making drop shipment in various destinations, using your preferred shipping boxes and documents just like originating from the customers  port.

We also offer ship to stock services to customers  that requires their goods in Cirtek warehouse for extended period prior to drop shipment. This service is offered to customers who wants to save cost for warehousing facilities outside Philippines.  This can be arranged and can discussed with your Cirtek representative near your location or send us an email for more details.