Test Development

Test Development

Cirtek Electronics Corporation caters to customer specific requirements especially in the field of Test Development with commendable expertise, competence, and flexibility.

Test Program Development for Analog, Digital, and Mixed Signal Applications using the following test platforms – ASL1000, Eagle Test System, TESEC 881, LTX TS88, and FTI1000.

Hardware Development includes Load Board Construction and Enhancement, Interface Cables, Contact Blocks and Contact Fingers, and other Setup Fixtures.

Our range of Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) cater to various Analog and Mixed Signal semiconductor devices produced.  Major products manufactured undergo 100% final testing in a low particle count, temperature and humidity controlled, electrostatic discharge ESD-free test floor and are packed in either bulk, ammo, tube or reel before shipment to customers around the world.



The fully assembled products are tested in specific test platforms according to device characteristic and functionality to ensure product compliance and operating specifications crucial for the proper function of modern day electronic, telecommunications and automotive products.


Analog / Power Testing  Tester


   PWM Controller

   Power Factor Correction

   TVS / ESD / Circuit Protection


   Linear Regulator

   Switching Regulator

   Diode Rectifier

   Voltage Reference



Digital Testing  Tester

   Real-time Clock


Mixed Signal Testing  Tester


RF Testing  Tester

   Low Noise Amplifier  (LNA)

   Power Amplifier



A wide variety of handler platforms paired in conjunction to a range of test platforms allow Cirtek to handle a dynamic set of JEDEC-compliant semiconductor packaging choices.  Fully automatic, these handler are capable of auto testing, laser mark vision inspection, lead scanning with output up to bulk, ammo, tube or tape and reel packing level.


Package  Handler

   QFN / DFN