Multichip Package

Multichip Package


Cirtek’s multi-chip packages aim to package more than one pc of  semiconductor dies in a single unified chip functioning an integrated component with combined functionality as a result of the different semiconductor dies within it.

The need for integration is brought about by the progressive advances in technology, functionality and features consolidation together with the constant shrinking in sizes of consumer, mobile and handheld electronics.

With in-house packaging design expertise and flexibility, Cirtek has the capability to design a tailored lead frame based package from prototyping stage all the way to mass production to answer any stage of customer requirements.



  •   TVS/ESD/surge circuit protection arrays
  •   PWM + MOSFET drivers
  •   Rectifiers
  •   ASICs


Other custom and application specific integrated circuits (ASIC) that need isolation in between dies yet maintain fast and reliable signal integrity within the package.



  •   Multi-Chip Module  packaging is  an important  facet of  modern electronic
      miniaturization and micro-electronic systems.
  •   Improved  Performance : closer positioning  of the  dies on  the  substrate
      and   shorter  interconnection   lengths  should   enhance   system   speed
  •   Higher Integration Density :  substituting several packages for one slightly
      larger but  single package, should either  free board  real estate  for  other
      use or help reduce the board size.
  •   Lower Power Consumption : smaller drivers are  needed resulting  in lower
      power consumption.
  •   Mixed Signal Applications :  MCP allows the integration of chips made from
    different technologies in one package.
  •   Lower Cost : cost savings result from fewer packages with a fewer number
      of leads, a simplified board layout.


Process Highlights and Capabilities

  •   Die to lead frame wirebonding
  •   Die to die wirebonding
  •   Die to ground wirebonding
  •   Ground to lead frame wirebonding